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Material: high-grade acrylic lenses, resin frame
Frame Material / Color: Black high grade brushed black paint paint
Lens color: left eye red, right eye blue
two-color 3D stereo glasses are high-grade matte and lacquer are two styles, short-sighted and non-myopic general three-dimensional glasses.
Compatible with myopia and myopic appropriate where the first type of non-friends
Support in watching the broadcast in the CCTV-1's "three-dimensional Journey to the West"
Red and blue version of "Avatar"
This has been tested and the red and blue and red glasses to view three-dimensional movies of all young
Three-dimensional games (IZ3D and NVIDIA3D game)
Ghosting filter up to 99%, which is the top of the lenses on the market

3D-Vison-Game-GlassesLogo print means single color,discuss multi-color print,pls contact me.



How Do 3D Glasses Work?

Currently playing at the cinema mainly using two different principles of 3D video, a large screen to imax, represented by three-dimensional movies, this technology is the best, and the so-called polarized light technology, with two in play synchronization with the projector polarizer two parallax images show that the left and right eye should see the image, respectively, so as 3D polarized glasses without the words, see on the screen is the ghost image, and the audience to wear polarized glasses can give us the right and left eyes, respectively, showing that the left and right eyes on the screen parallax images to produce three-dimensional effect, imax cinema screen up to seventy meters high, the image is very clear, 3D effect of a strong, sound is also great, is the best three-dimensional cinema.

But all of the IMAX 3D films that we have no way to see the perfect results at home, it can only go to the theater to appreciate expensive.


The red and blue lenses filter the two projected images allowing only one image to enter each eye.
So the red/green or red/blue system is now mainly used for television 3-D effects, and was used in many older 3-D movies.Also called red and blue complementary color three-dimensional movies are released before this film. In this system, put on after the the left eye can see red shadow on the screen image, the right eye to see blue shadow image, resulting in three-dimensional image. The three-dimensional film to be a lot worse than imax, three-dimensional feeling to be worse, but it costs less to do in the regular screening of the movie screen, the body can make more films will be brought to the three-dimensional visual magic, both Because of this movie is no limit on the screen, so we bought a few dollars, as long as three-dimensional red and blue glasses, you can watch on the computer three-dimensional movies.    
      The polarized glasses allow only one of the images into
each eye because each lens has a different polarization.
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